Somali prime minister admits rift with president

November 13, 2013

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After rumours circulated this week that Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was seeking Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon's resignation, Shirdon admitted Tuesday (November 12th) that there was a "constitutional" dispute between him and Mohamud.

The two leaders held a closed-door meeting at Villa Somalia Tuesday, but have not commented on what they discussed.

Shirdon released a statement before the meeting, saying, "I hereby wish in regret to confirm to the people of the federal republic of Somalia that the reports circulating in the media showing the misunderstanding between my office and that of his excellency the president is true, but not based in political differences as portrayed by the members of the press but rather on constitutional grounds."

"I therefore urge the people of Somalia to stop the speculations and leave the matter to the members of national assembly as they are constitutionally mandated by the law to tackle such issues," he said.

Mohamud has yet to comment publicly on the rift.

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