Kenyatta holds first cabinet meeting, raises penalties for poachers

June 07, 2013

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Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta held his first cabinet meeting in Nairobi Thursday (June 6th), calling for the ministers' dedication to fulfilling promises made by the Jubilee Coalition during election campaigns.

"You must take charge of your ministries, work as a team and get down to the business of serving the Kenyan people who are anxious to see the government deliver on its promises," Kenyatta said, according to a press release from the Presidential Press Service.

He added that the people expect improvements in areas such as service delivery, poverty alleviation, food security, national security and access to health and education. During the meeting, the cabinet approved the Wildlife Conservation and Management Bill and Policy, which mandates strict penalties for all those involved in poaching, Kenya's The Standard reported.

Under the Bill, Kenya Wildlife Services officials found collaborating with poachers will be removed from their posts. The bill also provides for fines of up to 1 million shillings ($11,800) for convicted poachers.

An estimated 360 elephants and 19 rhinos were killed in Kenya in 2012.

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