Somalia to take control of airspace this year

May 14, 2013

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The Somali government will take control of its own airspace by the end of 2013, Minister of Information, Posts and Telecommunications Abdullahi Ilmoge Hirsi said Monday (May 13th).

"We have agreed that the federal government of Somalia [will] be prepared to take over its responsibilities of the control of its airspace by 31st December 2013," Hirsi said after meeting with representatives from the United Nations Development Programme and the Nairobi-based Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority of Somalia (CACAS), Somalia's RBC Radio reported.

The United Nations took over responsibility for managing the country's airspace 19 years ago following the collapse of Somalia's central government, opening the CACAS in 1996 to collect over-flight revenues for Somalia.

More than 100 airspace management staff will be relocated from Nairobi to Mogadishu in preparation for the transition, and in-country staff will be trained during the remainder of the year.

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