Tanzania dismisses terrorism charges against opposition leader

May 09, 2013

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Tanzania's High Court on Wednesday (May 8th) dismissed terrorism charges brought by the Director of Public Prosecutions against opposition party official Wilfred Muganyizi Lwakatare, Tanzania's Daily News reported.

Lwakatare, defence and security director for the Chadema opposition party, and Joseph Rwezahura Ludovick are accused of conspiring to poison Mwananchi Communications managing editor Denis Msacky on December 28th. While the court is still pursuing charges against the two men, Judge Lawrence Kaduri ruled that the case does not show elements of terrorism.

Lwaktare had been charged with conspiracy to commit a kidnapping, arranging and participating in a terrorism meeting, and kidnapping. Ludovick had been charged with conspiracy to commit a kidnapping and arranging and participating in a terrorism meeting.

This was the first time charges were brought under the Terrorist Act since it was passed in 2000.

Lwaktare and Ludovick will still face trial on May 13th for charges of conspiracy not falling under the Terrorist Act.

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