Jubbaland committee requests federal participation

March 15, 2013

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The technical committee for forming an administrative region for Jubbaland has called on the Somali federal government to participate in the state-building process in Kismayo, Somalia's Garowe Online reported Thursday (March 14th).

"We are asking that the Somali federal government stand by our side and give us support," said participating traditional elder Suldan Sharif Makoma.

The Jubbaland state formation process has reached several milestones, according to technical committee director Abdiqani Abdi Jama. The 400 delegates present have agreed on a temporary three-year charter to govern the next administration, he said, indicating that the meetings will continue regardless of whether the federal government becomes involved.

Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon said the Kismayo administration's decision to start the Jubbaland conference without the federal government was unconstitutional, adding that only the federal government has the right to establish regional administrations in Somalia.

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