Djiboutian military commander says army neutral in elections

February 20, 2013

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Chief of Staff of the Djibouti Armed Forces Major General Fathi Ahmed Houssein on Tuesday (February 19th) refuted accusations of military partisanship in election campaigns, the Djibouti Information Agency reported.

In a response to opposition party allegations that the military would unfairly prejudice the legislative elections on Friday, Houssein said that members of the armed forces are citizens with the right to vote, and called accusations of impropriety irresponsible.

Houssein said the military's mission was to protect voters' safety and the serenity of the country. Although the army is organising trips escorting soldiers to the polls for the first time this year, they are solely facilitating soldiers' voting and will not restrict their freedom to choose whom they want, he said.

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