Djiboutian Ministry of Interior reviews candidate lists

February 06, 2013

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An audit committee appointed by the Ministry of Interior on Monday (February 4th) completed its review of three political parties' candidates for the country's legislative elections, Djibouti's La Nation reported.

The lists for the ruling Union for a Presidential Majority, the opposition Union for National Salvation and the Centre for Unified Democrats have been reviewed by the audit committee after their submission on January 24th.

The list of candidates went to Minister of Interior Hassan Darar Houffaneh, who has approved the majority of the candidates, with decisions on the others forthcoming.

Elections for Djibouti's 65-person legislature will be held February 22nd. The is the first election after the government approved the replacement of the majority-list system with a mixed-list system, in which up to 20% of the seats will be awarded proportionally.

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