Tanzanian vice president, speaker address constitutional review

January 15, 2013

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Tanzanian First Vice President Seif Sharif Hamad and Speaker of the House Anna Makinda made their recommendations to Tanzania's Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) this week, Tanzania's Daily News reported Tuesday (January 15th).

The CRC has been collecting views from Tanzanian leaders and the public on role of the union government ahead of the drafting of the new constitution, which is scheduled to be considered by the Constituent Assembly in April 2014.

Hamad, who submitted a 79-page report outlining his position, advocated a federal structure for Tanzania on the model of the European Union, with greater autonomy for semi-autonomous Zanzibar. This would give Zanzibar greater flexibility to address its internal needs while keeping it formally tied to Tanzania.

Makinda, speaking on behalf of the parliament, advocated a change of law prohibiting lawmakers from serving in other government offices simultaneously.

"We want the constitution to make it clear that the speaker, cabinet ministers and other government officials will not be sourced from among members of parliament," she said, adding that the change would increase efficiency by reducing lawmakers' time commitments from multiple roles.

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Reader's Comments

    January 16, 2013 @ 01:43:35AM

    Reduce the lies Seif Sharif Hamad is not the First Vice President of Tanzania but of Zanzibar

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