Somali parliament passes 2013 budget

December 31, 2012

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The Somali parliament approved on Sunday (December 30th) an amended version of the 2013 government budget that lawmakers rejected last week.

Out of 177 parliamentarians present, 176 voted in favour of the budget, while one abstained.

Minister of Finance Mohamud Hassan Suleiman told members of parliament that the budget was amended by reducing funds for ministries and increasing salaries for government soldiers, according to Somalia's Garowe Online.

To the previous $109-million budget, $31 million was added for development of social services and $11 million for security forces.

The government also plans to establish tax laws so it can collect taxes in all regions of the country in 2013, Suleiman said according to Midnimo Radio. "We request that all organisations work with the Finance Ministry so that we can implement the tax collection plan," he said.

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