Death toll in ambush on Kenyan police rises to 31

November 12, 2012

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The death toll in a bandit attack on Kenyan police officers in the Samburu district rose to 31 on Monday (November 12th) after more bodies were found in Baragoi town, AFP reported.

"More bodies were found this morning," said police spokesman Eric Kiraithe, confirming the number dead. "We are undertaking a major security operation on the ground," he said.

Police were attacked by bandits on Saturday while in pursuit of cattle thieves suspected of killing 13 people and wounding three others in raid October 30th.

Wilfred Kapondi, chairman of the parliamentary committee on security, said that the attack "exposed our security force's lack of capacity".

"It is time they took serious action and ensure the police have adequate machinery to deal with criminals," he said. "More than 30 police officers killed at once is an issue that raises serious concern."

Nine officers are recovering in hospital from their wounds, Kenyatta National Hospital spokesman Kibet Mengich said. "Many of those brought here had gunshot wounds on various parts of the body with soft tissue injuries, fractures, lower limb and abdominal injuries," he said, according to Kenya's Daily Nation.

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