Kenya Wildlife Service cracks down on poaching

October 25, 2012

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The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has established several security outposts in and around national parks to prevent poaching in Taita Taveta, Kenya's Daily Nation reported Wednesday (October 24th).

Michael Wanjau, acting assistant director at the Tsavo Conservation Area, said the KWS set up several security units at ranches where illegal grazers have been observed poaching. He added that KWS is now spending 7 million shillings ($82,400) a month to fight poaching and illegal grazing.

"We have lost two of our rangers this year at the hands of poachers and had several elephants killed -- something we cannot take for granted," Wanjau said.

Taita Taveta County Commissioner Harun Khator announced a requirement that ranch tenants be Kenyan citizens whose names should be registered with his office. Failing that, they will be removed, he said.

The KWS's stepped-up efforts follow the seizure of 3.81 tonnes of smuggled ivory in Hong Kong at the weekend, which authorities believe originated in Kenya and Tanzania.

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