No bodies found in Tana River suspected mass grave

September 20, 2012

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Kenyan police found no bodies during the excavation of a suspected mass grave in the Tana River Delta region, where recent ethnic clashes have left over 100 dead, officials said Thursday (September 20th).

"No bodies have been found there," regional police chief Aggrey Adoli said after a team of pathologists and workers excavated the remote site that was discovered on Monday, AFP reported. Adoli said only part of one human limb was found.

There was no clear explanation for why police had thought the site contained several bodies believed to have been killed in the recent violence.

Adoli said the situation was "strange", suggesting that the site may have been "tampered with" and that bodies may have been removed from the site following its discovery. "The appearance of the area and the heavy stench of rotting flesh pointed towards the existence of a grave," he said.

Violence between the Pokomo farming community and their Orma pastoralist neighbours erupted in mid-August, leading to a series of vicious reprisal killings and attacks.

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