Policeman charged with death of Tanzanian journalist

September 13, 2012

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A Tanzanian court on Wednesday (September 12th) postponed the trial of a police officer charged with the murder of Channel Ten news reporter Daudi Mwangosi, Tanzania's Daily News reported.

Mwangosi was killed during a skirmish between riot police and Tanzania's opposition Chadema party on September 2nd.

Officer Cleophase Pasifious, 23, appeared before District Principal Magistrate Dyness Lyiomo, but was unable to enter a plea, as the court does not hear murder charges. Pasifious will be held without bail until his trial, scheduled for the High Court on September 26th.

Preliminary investigations indicated that Mwangosi was killed by a tear gas canister that Pasifious opened, according to Home Affairs Minister Emmanuel Nchimbi. He said the investigation team will continue to address relations between the media, police and political parties. "Let all stakeholders now allow the law to take its course," he said.

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