Puntland to upgrade Bosaso-Garowe highway

June 28, 2012

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The Puntland government began repair work Wednesday (June 27th) on the highway between Bosaso and Garowe, UN-funded Radio Bar-Kulan reported.

Puntland Highway Authority Director Hassan Osman Ali said that the first phase of repairs will focus on a section of highway between Bosaso and Mermerka, which was badly damaged by recent rains. Later work will improve the remaining stretches of highway.

The highway authority previously repaired the Galkayo-Garowe highway, including the road between Jalam and Kalabayr.

Ali said that the highway authority also has plans to build roads linking coastal towns to the main highway, Garowe Online reported.

"The project, when completed, will finally make coastal towns in Puntland accessible to travellers," he said. The project will build roads to towns such as Bargaal, Hafun, Eyl and Jariban, which have been inaccessible due to virtually non-existent roads.

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