Mobile phone bus ticketing launched in Dar es Salaam

May 13, 2012

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Residents of Dar es Salaam will now be able to purchase bus tickets on their mobile phones, Tanzania's The Guardian reported on Saturday (May 12th).

The service, offered in collaboration between mobile phone providers and bus companies, will offer tickets at the prices set by Tanzania's Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (Sumatra). Ten buses are already using the system.

"The service provides all the necessary details for the purchase of a ticket, including seat number, serial number, bus registration number, date and time of departure," said sales and marketing manager of Metro Coach Bus Nancy Mtenda. "So, there is no need to be physically at the bus terminal."

Managing Director of Mobile Ticketing Limited Albert Muchuruza said the service will let customers avoid the price hikes imposed by middlemen at bus stations, as well as the thefts and crowding that sometimes occur.

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Reader's Comments

  • Aron Athanas
    November 2, 2013 @ 02:40:53AM

    This process is very sustainable. I am very happy because technology has improved in my nation. We are definitely happy. I should say that technology is used by intellectuals for national development...

  • Aaron Athanas
    November 2, 2013 @ 02:34:22AM

    The system will be good to the passengers as long as there is no limitation of time in getting tickets. This is something great to my country development as well as economic growth. Thank you people of Tanzania for your technological creativity. Lastly I just want to say Technology is used by educated peoplefor the development of all people,

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