KDF, Nairobi amateur boxing teams return to national league

April 04, 2012

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The Amateur Boxing Club of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and the Nairobi branch of the Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) have returned to the national league after a year's absence, Kenya's Daily Nation reported on Tuesday (April 3rd).

Both clubs will participate in the league's opener on Thursday in Mombasa, said national ABA chairman John Kameta.

"I am happy to announce that the KDF and Nairobi are officially back in the league and I thank them for the bold move which will help improve the quality of the league," Kameta said.

Kametia did not say if boxers from the two teams will be given a chance to join the national Olympic team training in Mombasa.

The two clubs withdrew after then-ABA chairman Samson Mugasha was suspended from his position.

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