Kenyan cabinet approves population-control policy

March 30, 2012

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Kenya's cabinet approved on Thursday (March 29th) a plan for managing population growth to better suit the nation's availability of resources.

The Population Policy for National Development outlines a series of measures that will ultimately lead to a higher quality of life for Kenyans and help to empower women, the cabinet said in a statement after its session.

"An effective application of the policy is expected to lead to reduced mortality and fertility rates, better skills utilisation and empowerment of women," the cabinet said. "It is also expected to give rise to balanced social and economic growth path under sustainable environmental conditions."

The population policy is expected to educate Kenyans and foster awareness on the effects of rapid population growth, which has been identified as a challenge to Kenya reaching the Millennium Development Goals, Kenya's Capital FM News reported.

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Reader's Comments

  • Fr. Mark
    March 31, 2012 @ 04:48:49PM

    "Population control" needs to be explained in clearer language: far from being something that advances the virtues of marital fidelity, responsable parenthood, chastity, and abstenance (virtues which through faith, hope and love, nourish and crown true and enduring human dignity), "population control" is an anti-human and un-human ideology which reduces human beings to mere beasts which must be culled to prevent "overgrazing". What if, to control population, we were to start with those who concoct such affronts to human dignity? Are they willing to be the first such glorious martyrs for Kenya's "development goals"? Who chooses who must die...Big Brother? Is there a difference between this and Soviet Russia with her bloody pogroms and abasement and desecration of true femininity (and therefore, ipso facto, of true masculinity)? Eugenics is murder, be it performed by warped Nazi thugs or by your local "planned parenthood" clinic. Man is NOT for man a wolf, Mr. Hobbes! Our neighbor with his or her rights cannot be reduced to the mere limit of our own personal liberties. Rather, our neighbor is the condition for true liberty, true "humanness", because it is in doing him good in the light of eternal Truth that we are set free. The Good Samaritan, and that which he considered sacred, is the benchmark of all that is noble and worth striving for. Every human life, from conception to natural death, is sacred. Choose life, love every life...that ALL might have eternal life.

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