UK increases funding for training Somalia peacekeepers

March 29, 2012

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British Minister for Africa Henry Bellingham announced on Wednesday (March 28th) an additional $200,000 in funding to support a programme to train Ugandan peacekeepers in AMISOM.

"This is a good opportunity to pacify Somalia because al-Shabaab has been chased out of Mogadishu," Bellingham said after a meeting with the British soldiers and senior Uganda Land Forces officials at a military training school in Singo.

A team of 27 British soldiers arrived in Uganda on Sunday to train the peacekeepers for two weeks before they will be dispatched to Somalia, Uganda's Daily Monitor reported.

The Singo training school has trained 20,000 soldiers who have served in Somalia since 2007, Colonel James Barigye Ruheesi, commander of the school, was quoted as saying by Kenya's Africa Review.

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