Kenya looks to private sector to curb housing shortage

March 23, 2012

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The Kenyan government is looking to the private sector to address the housing shortage, Housing Minister Soita Shitanda said on Thursday (March 22nd).

Kenyans require 210,000 housing units every year as the country urbanises, but only 50,000 are supplied, Business Daily Africa reported.

"The cabinet has approved new regulations on public-private partnerships and we will strive to use these to develop housing projects," Shitanda said at the opening of an African ministerial conference on housing and urban development in Nairobi.

"The private sector holds a huge potential and we need to work with them to improve access to housing," Shitanda said. The proposed laws on private-public partnerships are in parliament, awaiting a vote.

The World Bank and the Central Bank of Kenya have urged the creation of incentives for developers to build rental units to improve access to housing for low-income earners.

President Mwai Kibaki said the government will continue to address housing in urban areas through efforts targeted at the poor, such as the Kenya Slum Upgrading and Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Programmes.

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Reader's Comments

  • abadi muhamad
    June 9, 2012 @ 09:12:25PM

    There are many young entrepreneurs in Kenya who have established small business to cater for their need. It true that the small businesses need all the help they can get from the government and NGOs to be able to expand and be self-sufficient. There are various ways in which the small businesses can be helped to grow. The first way which is very efficient is the government to set apart a kitty for helping small businesses. Some of the projects are being undertaken but they are not reaching all the small business. Another effective way can be undertaken by the banks, where they can offer low interest loans to serious small business owners and increase the payment period. These are some of the ways that the small business owners can be given a financial boost to be able to develop and become self-sufficient.

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