European Union to increase support for Somalia

March 20, 2012

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The European Union will increase its support for humanitarian and political development in Somalia, Special Representative for the Horn of Africa Alex Rondos told Somalia's RBC Radio in an interview published on Monday (March 19th).

Rondos met with Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali on Sunday to discuss the security situation. "I think we have seen the security situation begin to change in Mogadishu and outside Mogadishu, more places appearing to be gradually securing," Rondos said.

He said he sees progress in Somalia's political development and movement towards a united Somalia after the end of the Transitional Federal Government's mandate in August. He also said the European Union is especially concerned with improving the standard of living for internally displaced persons and creating a way for Somalis outside the country to return home.

The European Union has donated more than 1 billion euros to Somalia and wants to "encourage anything that creates a system of government here that is trusted by all Somalis", Rondos said.

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